Who We Are

Welcome to the Minnesota Chapter of the ARCS Foundation, where a group of passionate women have gathered to bring financial support to graduate-level students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical Research.  We are one of the newest chapters formed dedicated to helping the best and brightest United States scholars.  Our goal is “advancing Science in America.”

The Minnesota Chapter was chartered in October 2009 and, since then; we have been welcoming new members to our chapter, raising funds to provide scholar awards to students and holding exciting events so our members have an opportunity to explore the world-renowned science community in the state of Minnesota.

The National ARCS Foundation was established in 1958—a “Sputnik Moment”—by a group of women in Los Angeles.  They were determined to focus their philanthropic efforts helping the U.S. regain its technological superiority.  That goal still remains a national initiative as stated by President Barack Obama in his 2011 State of the Union Address.

Our first scholar awards for the academic year 2010-2011 were provided in October of 2010. We've awarded over $325,000 in awards to the best and the brightest graduate students studying STEM topics at the University of Minnesota.  Annual scholar award support is $5000 per year for two years. 

ARCS chapters allocate financial awards to eligible local colleges and universities that have been approved by the ARCS Foundation National Board.  In our case, our academic partner is the University of Minnesota.  Awards go to graduate-level  scholars who have high scholastic records and proven abilities in their chosen area of study.  Selection is made without regard to race, creed or national origin but recipients must be United States Citizens.

Our Chapter is an all-volunteer organization that operates virtually.  We have no office, no paid staff and dedicate 100 percent of monies raised to support and provide scholar awards.  We believe that all of us together will provide a powerful impetus to our national goal by tapping into the connections and financial power of the women in our community.  Please join us.  Explore our site to learn more about the Minnesota Chapter of the Arcs Foundation and how to become involved.

The ARCS Foundation is the largest private, member-based donor to college-level science students in the United States.