Current Members

Today, ARCS Foundation Minnesota currently has over 20 members committed to making a difference in students' lives and in the future of America.  Below is the roster from our founding members, who, in the 2009-2010 academic year, decided to invest in the mission and idea of ARCS:

2016-2017 Members

Judy Benham*

Marilyn Corrigan

Pat Dillon

Janet Dunn

Jenny Edstrom*

Valery Forbes

Lola Fredrickson*

Julia Halberg

Barb Goergen*

Devi Kyanan

Marcia Kimball

Tina Kraemer*

Sandra Krebsbach*

Joy Lindsay

Leslie Martens

Kayle Moss*

Li Voon Ng

Kristen Sheikh*

Kim Taylor

Lynette Wheelock


* Current Board member