Minnesota History

In March 2009, a group of visionary (and relentless!) women, in partnership with the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota and with support from the ARCS New Chapter Development group, held the hosted their first new member recruitment event at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.  Keep in mind that in 2008, this country suffered the worst economic setback set the Depression!  Isn’t that just the time to try and form a new non-profit? 

We were determined and knew we could do it.  After two additional member events and hard work by the Steering Committee, the newly formed Minnesota Chapter of the ARCS Foundation was granted its charter in October 2009.

Our list of “Charter Members” exceeded fifty.  We had five departments at the University of Minnesota approved as choices where we would select scholars, and we provided our very first scholar awards in the fall of 2010 to Coty Jen and Justin Levandoski.

The first Board of Directors of the Minnesota Chapter of the ARCS Foundation included:

Jennifer Edstrom, President

Lola Fredrickson, Membership

Jan Hacker, Member Satisfaction

Sonja Quale, Development

Elizabeth Sisley, University Relations

Savita Harjani, Finance/Treasurer

Tina Ayotte-Welu, Secretary and Goernance

Kristen Sheikh, Public Relations

Barb Goergen, Social Media



Kerry Bendel

Dawne Browne-White

Lise Duran

Sue Mechache

Amy Stern