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Lola Fredrickson ARCS Minnesota Founder and Connector

Posted on Saturday, April 1, 2023

Lola Fredrickson passed away February 15 after a brave battle with cancer.

Lola was instrumental in founding the Minnesota chapter of ARCS Foundation. In 2008, Lola was called on by the University of Minnesota to assemble a group of women who had a few things in common – passion about science and technology, interest in supporting talented graduate students in STEM, and working with other women in an exciting and important venture.  She had been a board member of the Minnesota chapter of ARCS since its inception. Her involvement and contributions were invaluable. One of Lola’s greatest contributions to the effort was her ability to connect with people and ask (perhaps demand) their participation in this effort. She was instrumental in bringing members, donors, and compelling speakers to the Chapter.

And the results of her dedicated work paid off – literally. Since the founding of the MN Chapter of ARCS – the group has awarded over a quarter of a million dollars to over 30 top graduate students at the University of Minnesota. Unique to ARCS – these scholar awards are unrestricted – allowing students to use the funds in any way they chose to help their pursuit of Science. The students ARCS Minnesota supports can use these funds to pay household bills, purchase supplies for their research, or attend conferences to make the very connections Lola would want them to do.

The Board of ARCS Minnesota would like to announce the establishment of the Lola Fredrickson Scholar Fund. If you are able and willing, the women members of ARCS would be happy to discuss a donation to Lola’s fund.

To make a donation to the Lola Fredrickson Memorial Scholar Fund, go to the Donate to Minnesota page. Select the amount of the donation. In the Donation Designation section, pick In Memorium Donation from the drop-down list. In the Dedication/Event section, type in Lola Fredrickson Memorial Scholar Fund.

Your donation to Lola’s fund – no matter how small – will make a difference!

Thank you!

Lola Fredrickson