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Courtney Hutton Pospick

Posted on Friday, July 1, 2022

Courtney is a PhD candidate in Computer Science in the Illusioneering Laboratory of Dr, Evan Suma Rosenberg. Her research focuses on novel user interfaces for augmented and virtual reality. Specifically, she develops new techniques that allow novice users to fly UAVs in complex, confined spaces. She is also interested in developing accessible interfaces and interaction techniques to make virtual and augmented reality feasible for a wider spectrum of users, including individuals with physical disabilities. Broadly, this research will lower the barrier to entry for using VR and AR in a wider range of applications. By developing simple, intuitive interfaces for novice users, VR and AR becomes more attainable. Currently, AR and UAVs can be used to safely explore hazardous spaces, but this requires a highly trained operator. Making this technology easier to use will increase its deployment and potentially lead to new collaborations between augmented reality and UAVs.

She intends to pursue a career in private sector research, focusing on further development of accessible user interfaces for mixed reality environments.

Courtney and her husband enjoy biking and kayaking with our Labrador-Great Dane mix, Felix. Their dog was born deaf and they adopted him when he was a year old. He knows about 50 different commands in sign language, and his favorite things to do are sleep and chase bubbles. 

Courtney Hutton Pospick