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A Conversation on Brain Science - ARCS Member Meet-Up March 10

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2022

Minnesota Zoom Meet-Up
March 10, 2022
6:30 - 7:30 pm Central

Join us for an interesting discussion of work being done to understand the complexities of the brain with ARCS MN Scholar Joe Emerson and ARCS MN member Kim Taylor.

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Description automatically generatedJoe Emerson, a 3rd year graduate student in neuroscience, will talk about his work understanding visual disturbances in schizophrenia. He will help us understand basic brain anatomy and function to help us better appreciate his research on the neural mechanisms of visual hallucinations and other sensory abnormalities in psychosis.



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Description automatically generatedKim Taylor is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clearly Present Foundation. The foundation seeks to advance the science and evidence for a noninvasive biomedical intervention for the core symptoms of autism. Although autism affects nearly two percent of the population, there are no FDA-approved biomedical therapies. Kim works with neuroscientists, physicians, government officials, medical technology experts, other non-profit groups, and those with autism to promote research in this area. She is the mother of an adult with autism and an avid amateur in neuroscience.



This meeting is for ARCS MN members and Scholars. Friends are welcome!

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