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2019 Accomplishments

Posted on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 has been a wonderful and successful year for our chapter. We have: 

  • Received corporate sponsorships for our Scholar Award event totaling $5000 from 4 sponsors: Boston Scientific, Medtronic & Fredrikson& Byron, and Carla Blumberg.
  • Won $2500 in the ARCS National Every Chapter Challenge with 100% of the Minnesota Chapter members contributing!
  • Have 34 total members, including 13 new members.
  • Scheduled member engagement events in the east and west metro areas.
  • Held quarterly happy hours with Scholars where we discussed career options and mentoring.
  • Made site visits to 4 departments: BME, BMBB, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering All 4 department heads were very complimentary of the work we are doing with ARCS.
  • Began the process to get approval to add the Neuroscience and School of Veterinary Medicine Departments in 2020.
  • Honored Leslie Martens as the Minnesota Chapter ARCS Light Award winner for 2019 for her work organizing the Hysitron event, chapter development, and introducing us to the Power of 100 Southwest.
  • Awarded our first annual ARCS MN Scientist of the Year Award to Professor Bob Tranquillo, retiring department chair of BME.
  • Held our 10th annual Scholar Award event that featured 6 Scholar Awards that spanned all 5 approved departments.

Thank you to all that have contributed to our successes, and we can't wait to see what 2020 has in store!